About us


“SAPŅU FABRIKA” has started her activity with 2000 year celebrity. Representing the industrial sample the beginning of the XXth century - glass factory was built in 1911 – as transformation of new century.

For events organization were gathered representatives from different groups of society and target interests. The modern cultural centre is getting popular due to post-industrial style and social events organization with appropriative location - in city centre.

The fabric’s room is comfortable place for central events with floor-space more than thousand square metres and it also has extra rooms.

In result of reconstruction “SAPŅU FABRIKA” became the culture and communication centre that can attract different level of artists groups and attend the audience bigger, than thousand people, as well as this to provide multifunctional cultural run.

“SAPŅU FABRIKA” is fully private company that consciously undertook the purposeful development of multifunctional culture and communication centre that is and will be suitable for different projects realization, taking as a basis tendency to support high cultural projects, as well as this marking out the originality of fabric architecture, keeping and developing cultural and historical meaning of its industrial surroundings.

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